Men & Women


All in White

Brave Man


Men are like ...

The Headaches

Kind Old Charlie

Trip to the Dentist's

Love Gone Soggy

The Husband Store

Feeling like
a Woman

Something Missing

Choosing a Wife

The Romantic Husband

Gitcha Momma

Keeping Women Happy


Five Rules

Getting into Fights

Husband Training Courses

Frank Feldman

Making a Wish

The Lecture

Love Story

The Guinness Book
of Women's Records

The Prescription

The Operation

The Two Diaries


Romance lives!

Male & Female Objects

Sensitive Man

The Compliment

Wrong Again!

The Marriage Counsellor

Women who Read

The Four Fishers

Goodbye Grandpa

Husband Down .....

The Swimsuit

The Fool

The Asylum Visit

A Slip in the Pocket

Be careful what you say!

Hired Help .....

One Last Try

The Wheelchair


The Missing Wife

The Missing Wife (2)

The Karma Sutra

Good Judgement

Gone to Mum's

Christmas Day Golf

The Pinch

The Difference

The Generous Husband

Why men are
never depressed!

The Note on the Fridge

True Friendship

Too Much Sex

The New Dog

Late Again!

Extra Weight

The Husband

Switching Off
Life Support

My Best Mate

The Rain

Lost Count

The Role-play

She was thin

The Text Message

I need a push

Not For Me

A Fitting Remark