My 2007 visit to Shanghai

At the beginning of April 2007 I found myslf in Shanghai on the last leg of my two-week visit to China. I flew in from Lanzhou, where I had been visiting the University.

On arrival in Shanghai I was wonderfully welcomed by a group of Chinese students from ISUGA, who presented me with some CDs of Chinese music and took me out to dinner at the Westin Hotel, where we also met Zheng Lunian.

The next day Guo Fei took me sightseeing in Shanghai. A day is not enough, but we made the most of it. Then in the evening we met at Sasha's Restaurant for a reunion of (mostly Old) Isugans. Herve Salkin was also there on a promotional visit, and made a memorable speech! The students were brilliant, obviously flourishing in China, and made Herve and I both feel very welcome.

Here are a few photos of these for me momentous experiences. The quality is not great as I did not have a decent flashgun. However, they do I hope give an idea of the atmosphere, which was very jovial. Numerous old boys were there, including Fred Zhou - the Tai-kwon-do specialist - who was one of the very first Chinese students we had at ISUGA in 1990 or thereabouts.

Shanghai City